Blood Tear

Tears of blood ran down her face
Streaked with dirt, marred with a grimace
Her eyes were sore and rimmed with red
Crying for her love now dead

Heart heavy with grief and guilt
She grabbed his sword by the hilt
And rose from the ground above all others
To avenge her love fallen and revenge upon her brothers

Those that caused her this despair
Ones who slaughtered without a care
Ran for their lives ran from the battlefield
But from her rage nothing could shield

A woman scorned she unleashed her fury
The flames of her pain their executor, judge and jury
She descended on them- a whirlwind of power
Like a hellion free from her tower 

Her thirst for blood finally quenched
Cold hard truth upon her flames drenched
She sat down and wept for all to hear
Such was the tale of the blood tear.

The End

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