Intoxicating SweetnessMature

Your intoxicating sweetness slowly lured me in

Could it really be so easy to express this pain I'm in?

Slowly and deftly your barbs pierced my heart

As my life blood poured out on your alter of oppression


Time after time I ran to you for a glimps of relief

As I bled through my tears you laughed at my pain

I searched deeper and longer hoping to find your release

But you continued to render me unsatisfied


The sweetness I once knew had turned bitter

Your appalling stench filled my nostrils with every breath

I tried to free myself from your clutches

But with every twist your barbs dug deeper


Lost and confused I cried out for Mercy

Until Mercy Himself came and cut the wires that bound us together

Week and exhausted I clung to Him for safety

As He slowly brought me out of the desert of your heart


His intoxicating sweetness slowly healed my pain

Slowly and deftly my angry red scars vanished at His touch

The more I sought Him the more I found Him

As I worshiped at the alter of His majesty

The End

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