Blood and TearsMature

I wasn't feeling anything when I wrote this. I wasn't happy nor depressed. It just came to my mind.

In the stillness night she sits

on the floor thinking about all the

pain he cause her. While the tears

come down her cheeks soaking

the blade she has in her hands, she cuts

slowly her wrist. She sees him in

her mind not caring at all. Her soft

light skin is so perfect for this

blade. Blood runs through out

her arms and down her elbow, it

drips on the floor.


She doesn't feel the pain anymore. It

feels so good. Her wrist is numb

for it has been with cuts so many times.

This is all his fault. He cause this

pain inside of her. She's breathless, in

agony this life she has to live,

knowing that his love for her is nothing.

It never has been and never will.


She keeps crying and looks down at her

arm. She sees carved deep in her

skin the words “I love You” that she wrote

with the blade. Now she lays on the floor


The End

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