There was a young lady
she did not know what she was doing
Or so she says, it is hard to take her seriously
Unless she finds a way to torture me
with the grave indecision
her supposed harmless taunts
Now she walks away
to give herself away
Where does that leave me?

There was a young man
I thought I knew him but he did not know me
One step away from the dull pastel of his pills
His kisses were barbed wire even in spirit
But he never drew blood
she was fortunate to have known this
although she still had her plans
they did not include him

She led him through the overgrowth
with no choice to turn back
he knew this well
Like I knew his motives
Just to care for her more than he cared for himself
But she was gone
With the dim light of isolation that sheds no comfort

His body starved of her charm
Pushing against his skin
His bones shone like diamonds
to cut into his mind

She gave in to a transitory life
she swears she is in love
but she is obviously dying

I knew them well
So I became just a passing nobody

The End

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