~ Blood --- A Short Story / Poem ~Mature

A vampire needs only one thing to survive, and that doesn't include love in the form of a female companion.

Generally, the race that I am sorted in is frowned upon
in society. There are good reasons for this.

We’re not romantics, or ruthless, no, far from it.
Compare us to humans; we’re just trying to survive.

Don’t patronize us for our ways when humanity is just as
ruthless as my kind. Life is far from bliss.

It’s hard to continue my existence this way, but I do. I
take when I have to, and almost never give.

 I am a vampire.

 White skin? Please. I look like a regular living being.
The only difference is my need, my desire for blood.

Without drinking it, I starve. It’s a simple fact of
life. No blood means I don’t live. I’d just shrivel up.

Humans eat food, but I don’t need to. I don’t drink
unless I feel angry, or I’m in an aggressive mood.

Don’t write me off as a monster yet. Humans kill things,
and themselves, all the time. So do we.

 That’s how it is.

 A growing tendency is for vampires to steal stored blood
from hospitals. It helps ‘break the addiction’.

I keep a large storage cupboard full of containers that contain the secret to my survival. I have tons of it.

In recent times, I have used less blood from living
sources. Vampires are becoming more like fiction.

This is what I though; my canisters would serve me well.
However, when I met her, I was proven wrong.

 She’s beautiful.

 What else can be said about the long, flowing brown hair?
The perfect skin, facial and body features?

It attracted me right from the start. I entered the
nearby town one day, and she talked with me.

Soon my brain developed unusual thoughts, telling me
things such as ‘you’re no longer a creature’.

Among these was ‘take her out to dinner’. I didn’t know
what it meant. Love, is that what it is called?

 So she came.

 The door was thrown open, the cool nighttime breeze
entering my residence. It calmed my nerves.

The moonlight reflected in her hair as she stood on the
threshold. I was unsure what to say to her know.

I cordially said ‘hello’ and beckoned for her to join me.
She was happy to accept, which was converse.

My sense had been sent reeling, venturing into unknown
territory. I offered her various kinds of drinks.

 Speaking of a drink…

 I took a break to locate my blood cupboard. A nagging
feeling of thirst had taken over my actions.

To my immediate fear… no blood was present. I struggled
to find any containers possibly hidden inside.

My newfound scared nature forced me to run about and lead
a futile search to find some potions.

They weren’t any to be found. I turned towards the girl I
had led into my estate. There was an option…

 I approached her.

 It was a kiss at first, and she suspected nothing. The
whole ordeal seemed to be nothing but pleasure.

Soon, I sneakily brought my mouth down to her neck. Her
human sense probably sense sexual playing.

She was dead wrong… and soon she was dead as well. I bit
her neck with sure force unrepeatable.

My need for blood caused me to break straight through her
skin. I sucked all of the escaping blood away.

 Then she collapsed on the floor.

This was no matter to me. I no longer felt thirsty. My aggressive
manner disappeared fast.

Oh relationships… I could consider this my first one. I
never even asked her for her name.

If that’s what being in love with someone is like, it
obviously isn’t constructed to last.

Her corpse was starting to smell, so I dragged it and
threw it into a closet full of other deceased people.

 Afterwards, I thought nothing of her.

 She had fallen for me, and it made me think. If I could
charm individuals like that, I’d use a new plan.

To tempt other women to enter my household would keep me
filled with so much blood and happiness!

I reasoned that I would start tomorrow, and bring another
female home. I licked my lips, then ran.

There was no way I would wait for the next sunrise! I
needed to feed now, strike while in the moment!

 I am a vampire, and when I see the daylight form over the
sky, I will experience joy.

 Blood is my one true love.

The End

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