My brother and I

We slid on the ice

As we walked through the door

And continued our talk

Of things we both knew to be true

We slid farther on the ice

Still discussing what we can’t say

To you two, God no

Why would we ever

It’s not our business…I guess


Feelings exposing themselves

Unleashed in our privacy

Neither of you were home

To feel the ice

But the ice didn’t melt as we opened up

To each other, for once

I wish there was some way

To make it all go away

Can’t I solve this somehow?

But I can’t fix everything…I guess


So we hear the door open again

Hear the call of a "hello!"

My brother and I

We put on our masks

As the door slammed shut

And we still felt the ice

But you didn’t know…don’t know

That we’re still here

Hiding what this is with our masks

Since it’s not our business

And we’re scared to know

Why we always have to slide on the ice

But it’s not our fault…I guess

The End

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