Impossible To Breathe

I’m sorry

I guess

The cold air is filling my lungs

It’s my bad

I meant to shut it out

My heart should still be warm

And yet

I did what I said I would not do

I’m sorry

I guess

It’s hard to defend

What they say is just true

Most of it-it’s not just her anymore

What you say is true too

But people don’t believe you

You make it hard to defend

I’m sorry

I guess

Like I said

I try to defend you

Before the whole house turns to ice

Before we’re all frozen in time

And yet

I fed it today

I’m sorry

I guess

I fed all their words

With a story of my own

Despite its truth

I still turned down the heat

So the air was so chilling

That it was impossible to breathe

So I’m sorry

I guess

The End

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