Blind, switch to auto pilot

Have you ever watched someone you love walk away because they were forced to leave?

Don't you ever say those words again

The goodbyes and the go's 

Just make it end

But don't leave so slow

I want to be with you beyond forever and ever

I feel like Stevie Wonder

When we're not together

The lose grip of hands, I'm letting go

Inch by inch our fingers unravel 

I should probably let you know

I can't stand to see your back 

I never see your back

Unless you're walking away

Stealing our laughs 

Trading them for silence 

Alone is violent

You tell me "keep moving" 

Auto pilot 

I love you to the moon and back

And everyone talks to take that 

"Leave him, you're whack"

But they're irrelevant 

They're not eloquent

Stay with me

Share my excellence 

Never say goodbye

Say see ya later

The goodbyes in my mouth

Left a bad flavor 

The End

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