Blind Eyes

Blind Eyes

Fighting each day, against my nature, an endless battle inside of my soul

The cold is harsh, it freezes my bones, but it is inside a part of me

I struggle all day, begging for mercy, mercy from this world of ice

I’ve learned to hold back, to not harm the people, denying the hunger that lives inside

I wish, I wish, upon a star, take may now to place that is far

The empty chest, the blood gone cold, the hope I have is all that is left

Hope for a future, hope for warmth, hope that today just may be the last

The desire is strong, but my will is weak, forever it may evade me here

But perhaps not, perhaps love is real; perhaps I will again be warm once more

Their standards are low, as low as the earth, and none have met mine far up in the sky

I live every day, but that is a lie, I walk the same path as I did yesterday

There is no warmth, there is no luck, but there is each day a light up on high

A light of love, just out of reach, its tantalizing flame that dances all night

The light that I see, the love I once knew, I try to embrace it but cannot grab hold

I fight for a chance, I try so hard, to feel the great love and find the true peace

But life isn’t easy, unless you are weak, we fight to survive and find our way home

Why must I be strong, whys it so hard, I must have peace, I need to know

Knowledge is good; it is why I am here, to learn forever and forever to grow

But why the cold, this feeling alone, the cold despair that burns my heart

I live rejected, apart from them all, an outcast in a crowd of others like I

For none understand, even they cannot see, the attention I seek that I may continue to be

I tried to share, to show them me, but with blind eyes they cannot yet see

The End

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