I don't even know. It's that confusing. A mash-up on how I feel about some strange stuff that's going on in my life right now and my state of mind concerning my future, mainly the latter.

Don’t know what to do

Don’t know where I’m going

Don’t see how to try

Don’t wanna end up crying


Everything’s a mess

A knotted, matted string

And I’m right at the centre

Not sure where to begin


Too much drama

Too much love

Too much angst

And too much blood


Nothing seems so easy now

The rainbows have all gone away

Swept away by bitter winds

Will they come back another day?


I make no sense

You cannot see

What’s going on

Neither can we


Is there and end

To the winding road

A service station

Where all’s good


There are no queues

Here by the hills

No thoughts of how

I’ll pay the bills


And yet it’s foolish

Just to think

That I’d escape

From this old sink


Please do not think

That I’m a dreamer

Lost in the clouds

I know I know


But still my path is hard to see

No one can walk here beside me

There is no one here to guide me

Only me, always and forever me

The End

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