Blessed Beyond Measure

I got the tattoo "Blessed Beyond Measure" across my chest last summer. It's kind of a long story of how I got it and what it means. This poem illustrates what it actually 'feels' to me.

As I write this, I am at a loss for words,

It is a mantra, sweeter than the songs of birds,

It is something greater than the stars above,

It is right here with us, what we share and love,

This feeling is a connection between us and the universe,

This felt like fate, but it's spontaneous and unrehearsed,

The light that I couldn't see is now shining thru me,

Flourishing now is the seed that is becoming what I can be,

Through dedication and love, I'm living my dreams,

I have everything I want and more it seems,

I am light and floating through life like a feather,

This is my energy in the flesh, Blessed Beyond Measure.

The End

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