Bleeding heart

She was standing there, all arms around her, wet face, silky hair, everything pure.

Never letting go.

Birds in the open blue flying in all different directions, screeching and screaming, whistling and flapping, white noise.

Beating hearts with tiny limb and wings on their backs, flying around her, twisting and turning, sparkles surround her like petals scattered, the beading light of the moon thrashes hard on the earth, nothing else matters.

stamping and running, running, running, running so fast, everything stops.
skip on the moons, one by one they are calling for you, she hears them calling.

"I am here" she said, "what would you like? take everything, anything you need". she was floating on the core of the earth, taking her arms, her legs, her head, her heart, her body came down and she looked up hovering over demons laughing, everything turns black. "Give me back my heart". "No we can't".

Everything disappeared into the centre of the earth. No-one could find her, she's standing there alone, no arms around her, no-one can see, no-one can hear, there is no air just the wind from the birds flying above her.

She is taken, she is broken, her heart bleeds a river, her tears turn to ice. she is blue. Blue as the sky and a hint of the ocean, "oh when will this end"?

Bring me back, back to life, give me my heart, my legs, my arms, "I am changing" she says, put me down, down to earth, where I can feel my heart beating. Nothing else matters but she is here. She has her heart, they gave it back to her.

She's standing there, all arms around her, wet face silky hair, heart of scars, like cracks in the wall, unripen fruit. she is everything but.

She is pure. She is free.


The End

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