A poem about someone finding God


As I cry and my vision blurs from my eyes,

I ask myself: "Why am I so unwise?"

I fall to God and beg and plead.

I've begged so much, that my knees bleed.


I've grown tired and can't weep,

So I take the knife and dig deep.

I stop and pray at full speed.

God heals me, so I don't bleed.


I've found God, he knows me!

Finally, my soul is set free.

I'm saved forever, so I don't weep.

I put the knife down, no need to dig deep.


I do not cry, I do not fear,

because my one and only Savior is here.

God is here, and he's all that I need.

I will not cry, I will not bleed.

The End

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