Bleach and Blisters

I bleached the bathroom until 

blisters formed beneath the rubber gloves, 

sweat blisters, peeling and sticking, while you 


the words that I shall speak 

will erase all the stinging and the 

sweating, and the 

ringing in my ears from my iPod 


and pounding like a second heart,

'cause it doesn't matter that I 

stripped the beds naked this morning, 

like hospital deaths, to save you the time, 

I am now degraded, 


in your mind I have died,

every moral undone, 

every birthday candle reduced to 

a smoke-ring ghost;

they salvaged nothing of 

the daughter you thought existed,

a carcass stripped bare by 

razor blade to the 

pearly bone,

and now I'm alone. 

The End

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