Blank Page

We are a blank page,

Together we are going to write a book,

In this instant we are in the first chapter,

But I’m the kind  who skips to the last page in case the ending is too hard to handle,

Following the theory that it’s better to be right than to be happy.


I am trying to predict the future, but this is what I know  here and now,

When you look at me, I feel gorgeous, I feel worthy of your attention,

And this terrifies me beyond belief,

When you talk to me, I wonder if anyone has ever been this nice to me before,

When I try to write down these words, I understand your kindness has left me speechless because I have no words left,

When you kiss me, I tingle, like I am about to fly up to the sky.


I have tried to protect myself in the past, and this is the closest anyone has gotten,

So here’s what you should know,

I have not lived an easy life and I am a survivor,

If you hurt me, I will get back up,

But I have armor with which to defend myself,

Sarcastic comments, quippy lines, pretending that I don’t care,

These build up armor for someone, who has been left and abandoned,

So here’s what you should know,

When I let myself think about the emotions you’ve made me feel,

It scares me to death,

And the only reason I am still able to let you in is I sense fear from you too,

And I think this somehow puts us on even playing ground,

So here’s what you should know,

I am willing to take a chance on you,

Because if we don’t take a step, we can never walk.

The End

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