I remember when we met

I was twelve, you were set

On making me want you

And damn, it worked out for you

Because now I’m twenty

And I’ve fallen for you again

And I hate it

I remember the blood I shed

Just to keep your appetite fed

And I’d have stains all over my bed

Because that’s what you wanted

And I just wanted to be free

I remember when I cheated on you

I had you on one side, Ana on the other

She was so beautiful and hard to obtain

But I had to have her, I wanted that frame

The bones and the death and the sickness

Hoping it would kill me, since I’m doing a confession

I’m hoping it still does

I remember when I left you and Ana

And I had a child

I prayed I’d be happy

I hoped she would be too

But when she was stolen

You called my name

And I resisted you

But I went insane

And you and Ana, my loves, you wanted me

I’m right here, guys, just take me

Let me drown in you, maybe even end

I’m actually okay with death, I won’t pretend

I’m not scared, but I’m already in hell

Just take me down further til I can’t climb back up


The End

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