In some ways apathy is worse than fear or hate. Because at least the latter are powerfully driven and in the right conditions, can be used for good.
And when this isn't the case, apathy sits idly by and watches with blank eyes as everything falls apart. Until the inferno reaches it and forces it to do something, apathy will gladly plug its ears to block out the voices of others. Sometimes a healthy defense mechanism, most times, a symbol of what can be prevented and isn't.

The blackout took my clarity
And filled my heart with lead
Grim cognition troubles me
We let the virus spread

Connect the wire and you'll be fine
I promise it won't hurt too much
The screen lights up and then they dine
On the crop they tilled for years

A buzz of bliss, a mindless kiss
Deception won, a crack begun
Down my face, the smallest trace
Of ruptured rules and captured pawns
Please don't leave me unrepaired
Alone and scared, flawed soul bared
There is a pattern I need to find
There are ties we forgot to bind

Apathy is a soothing mist
That shields your heart in ice
They don't think twice, just make a list
Of feelings that have died

Ignore their pleas and you'll do great
They don't need what you could give
Its all for you, divined by fate
Or channeled by the chill.

A flash of light, abrupt insight
To what we've done and what we might
To save the world or destroy and fight
A cynical thought, a conscience taught
With guilt, but ridden with blind spots
Slow and languid mental rot
Please don't leave them in the dark
Make your move and make your mark

Who is it that must be saved?
Who will be strong and who will be brave?
We must cut free these useless weights
That keep our hearts so earthbound

Eclipsed by death, swooned by faith
Knowledge comes in angry torrents
Causing pain as it opens the gate
But to live in ignorance is to bring our doom

The End

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