Black Velvet Romance (Noir)

On the night our romance died I became suicidal
because I knew of nothing to ease the pain
You were lying on the black velvet in the grey light
while your pale arms did all to push me away
I imagined I held a gun to my head
and I pulled the trigger just to see
if God was truly there
If God truly cared

Smoke rose from the streets as my world came crashing
Could you stay, please... just stay one more night?
I’m afraid I will wake up tomorrow alone
but you deny me one last chance
When you leave for your home I’ll be falling apart
waiting for the bullet to save me
It’s my desperation that dares
if you truly care

Is there truly any meaning to anything
when no love remains?
Is there any fortune that can be measured
by the way you made me feel?

I’m only twenty three
yet everything seems pointless to me
I’m only twenty three
and you were the best part of me

The End

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