Black Sheep of the Family

As a task I had to write a poem over 75 lines long then cut it down to 5, but after I did it seemed a shame to waste all of it, so here it is :)

He met her when I was 15, still not completely sure how

They hit it off right away, a fact I only know now.

He kept it all a secret from everyone I know

It may seem a bit extreme but it was his choice and so


For three whole months he hid her from everyone in our world

And when the knowledge got out, I watched that world unfurl

She was just nineteen years old. He beat her by eighteen years.

There are bigger age gaps but his mother burst into tears


She wanted him to grow up and settle with someone nice

She had all of her babies, now he needed a nice wife.

His dad nearly blew his top when he found out the secret

They were all getting too old to deal with things he’d regret.


I stopped seeing him after, well, at least at first I tried

I didn’t really like her but I still didn’t decide

Until my sixteenth birthday, we had gone to my Grandad’s

It was great, till they got drunk, they were driving us all mad,


Arguing about nothing the entire dark drive back

My Mama nudged me at one with a birthday pat on the back

It kicked off when they got back, safely out of the small car

They were yelling down the street. Me and Mama watched the stars


Then he pushed his way past us, stumbled through the open door

I looked for her, down the street, my shouts for her she ignored

She was going to walk home by herself, two towns over

I stopped her, comforted her. A child four years older


Than me, but I got her in, calmed her with a drink and

Then went round to look for him. He was sat down, off his head

And crying alone, saw me, tried to make me understand

How he loved her but drove him mad. This I couldn’t stand


Standing a foot away from a man that never grew up

Didn’t want to, refused to, a man with the mind of a pup.

The End

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