Black or White

the begining

you and i

the night we fly

the light we shine

black or white

the begining

the darkest night

and the light so white

makeing final gowns

singing in a rainbow playground

divine and full of enriched pearls

we are so part of this unique world

one door closed

and openned 10 more

black or white

sitting on the fence

my body enters into a trance

danceing stars

empty jars

fill the cup

jumped on the shooting star

traveling close and traveling far

into a unknown world

soon to be known

trust me trust you

prostitutes they were looking for

so you looked apon my historical

and thought that i should be your victim

the victim is you

and education should be tooken

heal the world

take the lyeing pearls

and bring them back to life

they deserve our love

and the abuser and the abused deserve love

different solutions

take us into the breathing earth

the heart of us all

the temple shall stand tall

The End

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