†‡† e x i l e †‡†

Buried my darkened ash in your breath,
I've tasted autumn, it's just a pulse, a blade
Cinders fall, cruel but pretty skies cascade,
Some cage the animal, but I send the beast away.

I'm in exile, just a torn human heart,
Beating like the wings of a bird,
/dragging this beast through the dirt,
I'm an empty scar, waiting for your touch.

I sometimes wonder if I asked too much.

I've been kissing skies, been kissing scars,
Coals are lightening up, below my broken feet,
There are no words to describe what my feelings are,
I've stumbled this passage, tortured, imbrued in blue,
Sunken dreams, fractured skulls, tear my flesh from you.

I'm in exile, you opened worlds inside me,
And saw it fit to cage those beautiful dreams,
You smashed my heart against your wake,
I'm not sure what love you can give me now,

But give me what you can, even if it's fake.

I walk upon these broken limbs,
Searching for a taste
Searching for a memory,
For our only special place.

I've been lost, I'm never found,
The world that you let go...

The End

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