†‡† Black Flag †‡†

My first poetry compilation on Protagonize.
This Poetry collection will be loosely based around a theme of overcoming adversity, I hope you all enjoy.

I raise the flag,
I won't look back in the direction I came,
I've been here, over and over again,
This is my insides, inking in paper for the outside,
There isn't much to see,
Just a world that has come to overcome me.

I won't be bruised,
Constantly abused, stuck without a name,
I've been here, every day could be just the same,
I sit and wonder what direction I have,
Can't sit here wondering, will it always be this bad,
So I raise the flag.

No flag of white, stained with our blood,
Not a sign of a symbol that I stand for,
Just a name, written in black,
Just the ink carved in my back.

I must confess, I've nowhere to go,
I'm lost inside, but I won't reside in a lonely shell,
There's a direction to take,
But no one can tell me if I'm heading the right way,
I've not got much to lose,
There is so much more than truth,
I raise a flag,
As black as the sky, that comes tumbling for me,
Drifting in nebulous arcs around me,
I raise a flag,
Destined to be, so much more than this,
A chasm of hate, torn around a bloody fist,
There is so much more to life,
I raise a flag, but I won't surrender,
I'm just another man,
But with a boy at his center,
There is no way around this,
So my troops storm the gates,
There is no way around this,
I'll fight through the aches...

I raise the flag. 

The End

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