°°° Fin °°°


I'd like to formally thank everyone for reading Black Circle, all your comments, all your ratings, all your praise and criticism has been greatly received, I appreciate all the time that you have all spent on my writing, it is truly humbling. 

Black Circle was written at one of the hardest passages of time in my life, I went through a serious change that will remain with me always. This poetry until this day isn't just a collection of thoughts and feelings, but a constant reminder of that black circle that still scars my heart, my mind. It is a reminder of all the things that are wrong with my world, and the things that since that day I've worked to correct. 

Once more, thank you for reading, I truly hope you enjoyed my work. If you did happen to enjoy what you saw, I'd appreciate it if you'd continue to read my work in the follow up Compilation to Black Circle, titled Mohegan Lake -


All my love, sanity and other sentient behaviorism, 

x x x Wolfe x x x

The End

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