11. When It Came


"Hello? Hello are you there? Listen, well... if you can hear me, I haven't got long. I don't know where to start... God, it came so quickly, I guess we never had the chance to think about what was happening. I guess we never had the chance to think at all. I guess I... DAMN IT MIKAEL!... Stop bloody shooting or it'll see us! Do you want that?.....Just stop shooting, god damn it, are you nuts?

I can't believe how quickly it has gone, how quickly it occured. I just remember the dark stone face rising, it was like molten marble, shifting before us. There were three giant spheres... rolling around... it's eyes... the pupils locking, then switching to another set... The waves that incinerated them... The smell. Skin, hair... burnt......."

***End Transmission***

The End

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