9. Alkaline

...these static noises,
discharging boys.
And all the ammo we have unfolds.

 Creep like a winters tale,
the softer costumes we wore,
would never fail,
And as here as we would there,
These voices we loved,
From seas of some demons,
that got under our gloves,
Washed our new hands out,
Of this filth that we breathed,
The love of an angel,
soon to decieve.

 Black windows are caving,
There is no place like home,
Atlantic; London to New York,
There is no place like home.

 Sip some of my acid, my fledgling drowns,
Osiris is waiting, for the eye that I borrowed,
Some chaos ensues, but I do not miss you.

 I do not miss you
I do not miss you
Hell is overcrowded...
My Harlequin butterfly dapples in the shades,
Some twilight fades and my secret brigades,
Spoils of the sun shatter on my evenings door,

I do not miss you,
My callous bridge rots.

 Strings are attached to these weapons I empty,
Pulling triggers, remote, on the seas of my enemy,
Love is but found in the dirges of earth,
A Black circle is broken, to heaven I traverse,

 This acid you feed,
Lies dead in the leaves,
Some alkaline promises I made.

 Some neutral praise we may recieve one day,
In the nightmares come true on your pond.

 Carolyn, you blind me.

The End

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