°°° Black Circle °°°

I consider Black Circle my magnum opus of poetry. This is a relatively older collection of my work, so some of it isn't quite as strong as work I might produce now, yet the whole theme of the collection works for me I find. Enjoy


I'd like to think that this compilation probably provides the largest insight into who I am, thus, I suppose this is the greatest documentation of my personality. It almost works like a lucid, subconscious diary. 

Black Circle was written between May and August 2007, it was written in the aftermath of love, and in the wake of heartbreak, it is a comment on theology, surrealism and mundane attitudes, feelings and thoughts. 

I have removed the mature marker in this poetry collection, and with it the use of profanity, there are still strong themes, but nothing that I think can't be read by everyone.

For all those who take the time to read this, you have my undying love and respect, thank you. x x x Wolfe x x x


Transmission 1; At The Sky
Transmission 2; Her Hysteria
Transmission 3; Black Beads
Junction 1; It Isn’t God
Transmission 4; How They Were
Transmission 5; Pictures
Junction 2; When Removed
Transmission 6; Statue Of God
If It Ends
Transmission 7; When It Came
Transmission 8; Air Between
Transmission 9; Eye Of
Halo Smoke ~ Ebony
Halo Smoke ~ Ivory
Transmission 10; Over My World
Transmission 11; Drunk
Transmission 12; Of Luminaries
Black Circle
Forever 1; Sea Of Snow
Forever 2; Sky Of Scars
Forever 3; Sex And S(k)in
I Don’t Believe In Faeries
Junction 3; Lock Of Blonde
Transmission 13; A-13-A
Transmission 14; Someone
Transmission 15; Speakshe
Transmission 16; Fumes
Change The Tune
Transmission 17; The Feeling I Never Felt
Transmission 18; Smile Love Smile
Transmission 19; Out Of Her Life
Transmission 20; His Answer Is Never No
Transmission 21; Reach For My Dying Tree
Your Demons
Transmission 22; (L) Overexposure
Where the butterflies go to die.
Junction 4; Achtung!
My Castle For Your Queen
Transmission 23; Cardboard Box City


The End

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