Black and White

Poems of colors.

A black shadow that is in my room.

A white pillow that I lay down on.

Black and white outfits that I will never lose.

Black nail polish that has just come off.

White walls that drive me crazy.

Deep dark wanting to paint my room black and white.

A white paper that has sad pictures in black ink.

Hiding in the shadows of the classroom.

White room in the hospitals that bring back horrid memories.

Black and white picture of mom and dad.

A black room from my favorite anime.

The white door that leads to the unknown.

Black and white roses in a clear vase.

Black piano notes on an old white piano sheet.

White eyes that stare at me from the nightmare.

Black blood from the nightmarish creatures that flow off the sword.

White clouds that will soon turn to gray.

A world full of black and white.


The End

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