Black And Blue

I’ve locked up my heart

It beats in the jar

Look but don’t touch.

I’ve hurt enough.

Another beat, another bruise…


I’ve never won

This losing game that they call love.


As your soft hand touches the glass

The pulse, it races, speeds right up.

Your fingers slide right down the side,

My heart, protected from the world outside.


I’m safe in here, while you’re out there.

You stare with your sparkling eyes,

Trying to find a way to get inside

But these chains keep me under control

This heart, it beats, beats fast no more.

For I am tame, I try to hide, try to escape so I’ll stay fine.

I am not broken but I am black and blue

And that’s enough to keep away from you.

So step away from the glass and move right back

This heart, it wants to beat for you.

But this heart, it’s black

It’s black and blue.

The End

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