Black and Beautiful

I wrote this poem based off of a picture I got off Pinterest. I hope you guys enjoy. I need feedback. Tell me things I need to improve or what I could've changed to make better. Thank you so much! ENJOY!

Nappy brown hair

Pretty brown eyes

With the hips of a goddess

And a smile that  never tells lies


Pretty petite body

And luxurious skin

I am black and beautiful

Can’t nobody tell me different


Strong. Black. And beautiful

I  won’t let no one tell  me otherwise

I walk with pride and happiness

Because I know people will always criticize


I am black and beautiful

Standing tall and proud

You can bash me with your words of hate

But I  will never let it beat me down


Loving the skin i’m in

I walk with confidence

Ignoring the mean and ugly stares

I turn them into compliments


Once again…

I am black and beautiful

You may disagree

But can’t nobody take my confidence

So, I stand here proud and cocky


The End

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