Bittersweet sorrow

Just a vent to calm myself

I know its me, 
Whom in your eyes,
Makes no effort. 
Just can't you see?
How you hurt with those lies. 

I know you say you care,
So then its my fault,
That I feel this way. 
How come you were never there?
So then I came to halt.

We weren't the same,
No more, no longer.
I got pushed out.
How come I got all the blame?
I want to say I've become stronger.

You think it's me,
That it's all in my mind, 
That you are the innocent. 
How come I feel it must be me to flee? 
You just ignored, you became blind. 

But now I've gone, 
You say you won't come, 
Maybe I don't want the hurt from you again. 
Can I not be here by dawn? 
You weren't there when I decided to succumb. 


The End

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