Bittersweet Memories

If I close my eyes and concentrate,

I can just hear your voice echoing

inside my head, in my very distant memories.


I can hear your laugh and if I try,

I can see the steam flowing out of your mouth

as we stand in the corner, in our heavy coats.


I remember how it was back then and

I also remember how perfect the days had been.

I don’t know how or when you died.


If I were at the funeral, I’d not wear black,

I’d not come bearing flowers nor condolences,

I’d not even stay for more than five minutes.


All I’d need to do is look upon your grave

and silently recall those bittersweet days

then abandon you amongst the others.


Ever since that fateful, unknown time

I have come to realise that nothing

can heal the deep wounds in my heart.


Since that day when love died

and romance ceased to exist,

out of nature’s will, I evolved.

The End

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