Bittersweet Love

Poem about a certain type of love, that many of us may have experienced and some prefer much more than others

The first dose of this love is the greatest Im sure,

For no purer experience can exist among us,

It begins upon first sight,

A curious nature beckons us to indulge,

Yet some of us believe in other satisfaction.


It is wrapped in a silky exterior,

Purposely hidden but only enticing us furthermore,

And once experienced, a fiery love ignites,

Embracing true and innocent ecstacy,

That can only exist with honest surrender.


And finally we commit, to the greatest love of all,

And as we gently and euphorically bite into it,

Once again swallowed whole by a bliss so fierce,

We become witness to just how far the love can blossom,

The love of pure, unadulterated, Chocolate..



The End

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