Bittersweet Curse.

Mainly about a man who has his heart broken by his wife because she lingers with other men so he simply kills her and leaves her to rot in their home. He flees to go obey someone else because that's all he thinks he deserves. He knows he has done wrong and he knew he was doing wrong when he was in the process of murdering his beloved sweetheart, but he still does it because the jealousy drove him mad (literally). So in other words, love was the thing which had driven him insane in the first plac

The broken glass which lays down on the wooden flooring like torn up butterflies lays silently as I tip toe across the floor boards.
Let me come and teach you a lesson, my love, in pain, time and how it can be such a medication upon our broken excuses for lives.    

 I yearn for your pale skin contrasting with your empty, black eyes.
 Now hear my final tale my beautiful, silent heart stopper.
 When my world comes to an end, I shall not forget to lock up.
 I now must flee for the mistress beckons me on.
 A letter laid upon the floor next to her broken skull and her pool of blood, a simple note upon a tatty old piece of rag, covered in ink splodges and blood:
      I lusted for you and loved you more than words can describe,
       All you had to do was look at another with those broken eyes,
      You broke me like the fragile glass I am.
      It was all too much for such a simple man.
      Now I bid you goodnight upon these cold floors,
      You were everything to me,

The End

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