The Wedding Guest

At an outdoor wedding,
I saw a lady sit aside,
As all the other guests
Stood to greet the bride.

I noticed her at once,
From my chair at the back.
She seemed so alone,
So tired, sad, and slack.

When the vows were over,
I went to where she sat,
I stood in front of her,
To have a little chat.

When I introduced myself,
She smiled a gentle smile.
"It's nice to have a visitor,”
She said, “It's been awhile.”

Are you here with someone
That I can go and find?”
“I'm here alone,” she said,
“But I don't really mind.”

Come here, sit beside me,”
She said as she moved aside.
I sat on the marble bench,
While she watched the bride.

"I'd like to reflect upon
The things that bother me,
And why other people
See things so differently."

Things like what?” I asked,
Not knowing what else to say.
“like marriage, ending in divorce,
When it should give joy every day.”

I didn't know how to answer this,
So I changed the subject, instead.
“Wasn't it a lovely wedding?” I asked.
“Indeed it was,” she said.

Who did you come to see?” I asked.
She answered, “I came to see the bride.
She's my daughter, but I've never seen her,
For she was born the day I died.”

I gasped in shock, and turned away.
Trembling with disbelief and fear,
I turned around just in time,
To see the woman disappear!


The End

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