An insight into the travesties of birds which we feel are enjoying their flights!


Swarms of birds across the sky

In winged form do regally fly

In perfect rhythm and effortless harmony

Winging away like  scripted poetry   


The clear blue skies their domain

As in their flight path they attain

Dizzy Heights and dazzling mark

Till the day threatens to go dark.


For their sojourn they then seek

Comfort of home in crevice and creek

Like normal beings their home do find

Comfort and Bliss, like never defined.


Birds are known to fly always

For their flights through dreary days

Little known is their life beside,

As birth to death does life preside.



From twittering squeals to moaning age

From flighted paths to squirming days

Life’s for them  an endless struggle too

As seasons and years say adieu.



Countless are their concerns and travails

Endlessly, as their tedious life  prevails  

Without life’s luxuries and comforts known

Living Life through fears unknown. 

The End

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