Bird of Prey

A song about a man who wishes to find redemption for all the cruelty he inflicted upon his true love, but that the cycle of suffering will eventually crush him

In the absence of anything real, cruelty reigns

Here I am in the dark, scared and afraid

the wind carrying the echo of your name

Sailing on, I hope you found a better heart than mine

Better than the darkness when ours intertwined

burdened with my hatred, dooming yourself to slavery

You beauty wore thin, you were cracked and jaded to me

In the presence of malice I'm subservient

Fragile and broken I'm impure and static

My heart is racing, rushing, becoming erratic

Shining then, you were bathing in the glow of the moon

Pale flesh I touched and found colder than my own

destroyed by my sinister romance, I'm ruined and alone

The wind will howl bitterly tonight, in unison I shall moan

By the orders of darkness, I'm corrupted

Weathered and worn I no longer understand 

My soul fades to dust, I'm no longer a man

Something painful grips me again

I never thought I'd feel this loss once more

I've waited years to feel human once more

My resistances swept away

I see my sanity on the horizon

Hope lies so far away

I'm homeless, loveless and paranoid

I roam these cities like a bird with it's nest destroyed

She'll never find me, she'll never fly with me

And I thank the dark that she never will

With the words you whisper I'm almost alive

You walked away from me, maybe I'll come home

but this world is evil, when you're suffering alone

I wish I could find you again....

The End

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