Bird bones

I thought I'd explain the meaning of my work for the first time. It's about unattainable affection and false promises. Someone who swore to 'love'; but took and never gave.

I'm not sure; its personal experience and a whole lot of pretentious jargon.

Hold  my eyes,
                and breathe my life.

Teeth so sore they hardly move,

fool rose from the dust,
Sinking teeth into marrow, and spikes into spines,
                He is a man.


Sleeping in foreign times, in wrong beds,
with the beast who bites hot,
satisfy him with blood and sacrificial promises,

he takes it all and gives none.


Irrational affection,
he is the bottom-drawer baby,
the psudeo-soldier with hate to match,

6 years of faking it
empty vowels and trippy lungs
passion man, come slow and gentle

But he rips the heart from the chest with his gums.

tiny toes hitting concrete floor,
teach the world to dance,

he is the executioner of the monsterous heart.


Shoot him in the back of the mouth;

This aint Kansas anymore.

The End

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