Bipolar sex addictMature

I remeber when love loved me

I remeber when God took my body

I awoke one day to a nightmare

A nightmare that wouldnt go away

I wish to be that Godly love

The one with my birth right

Except they poke and torcher me with words and hard bodies

They never took the time to know me and probably never will

They make me feel so tired it makes me feel so ill

They make fun of the way I look and feel they hate my inner joy

They dump all garbage on and in me

They hate my every move

I hope they know i hurt now

I hope to grow apart from me soon

I am bipolar as they say

Thier presents kills me

I am a sex freak as they say

 But who am I and who are they

The mad hatter chases the cats

And I am left lifeless and casted away

I can never be happy

Only when justice is served

To the ones who know me

To the ones that dont

I know that life is more than this

I know my eyes will shine with bliss

Words but words and again

I am just here and then

I will do my best to protect myself from unwanted friends

Life wow life who knew it was so strange

I remeber when life was grand

 And full of grains 

Magic jack and the mascerade

I am just me the invisible

The untouched map

The child who didnt grow up

Life is life


I know about love they dont even try

The End

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