Big Moon

The moon is my nighttime companion.

Hey, big moon, old moon. High in the sky. What makes you watch over me? Only God knows why.

 Bright moon. Soft moon. Gazing at me from on high. Never judging. Never speaking. Only watching, only night drifts slowly by.

 Mr. Moon, my dear moon. You illuminate the lonely trees. And help the frogs to play with the bumble bees. You place a spotlight on the bats, who proudly dance their drunken jig for all the stars to see. 

 Uncle moon, silent moon. You invite the crickets to begin their harmonious chorus. An un-rehearsed symphony heard only by creatures that roam...and by me, thanks to the lone cricket companion who by chance has chosen to make my bed a second home. 

 Father moon. Happy moon. Night after night you smile on me while I prepare to rest. Comforting me with your warm glow...bidding me goodnight as I drift off to visit a dreamy far-away land that surely extends due west.

 Goodbye, moon. Alas...cousin Sun beacons and cuts our time short, however. Night turns to day, dark turns to light, but as long as I live, our reunions will end never.  

As I journey through the day, I yearn for your sweet presence.

Be well, my long-suffering and trusted friend. 

Rest your heavenly lamp, until we meet again.  



The End

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