Some people were born with big feet,

some with big hands,

some were born with big heads

and big brains who you can hardly stand,

but then they are some who were born with big hearts,

knowing that they could fall apart.

These are the few, who say they’re unlucky,

but deep down you know that they are very lucky,

because they choose to give and give

until there is nothing left,

the ones who fight for you, having everything to be kept.

But just in case when you fall,

always know that your big  heart is there...

Because most of all, you are the one that holds on tight,

in all  you do, knowing you are right.

Now who would have known in having a big heart

it can be easily torn,

but always know that it can easily be reborn!

So no matter the case,

no matter the cause,

where your big heart may break out of all the odds.


Because there will always be that someone who has much of a big heart as you,

who brings your heart back up sewing it back Into two.

So having a big heart isn’t all that bad,

it helps people cheer up when they’re sad.

Yes a big heart may be a heavy burden,

but it’s worth it and is made to go through all this…

So whether you’re born with big feet, or big hands,

and you just found out that your big heart is grand,

don’t forget to put in good use of your big heart,

having that chance of it falling apart,

because there will always be that someone who has much as a big heart as you,

who is willing to keep you safe in theirs, because of how much they have loved you! <3











The End

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