Not just "based".

One tall and brown,

The other short and white,

Though they looked so different,

They were close to each other's heart.


The tall knew all about it,

When the short began to learn,

Hand by hand he led him,

Through commands and G-d's way.


Far away from home,

Sleeping bed-to bed,

"Don't you ever leave me"

One whispered, scared,

"Oh, no, I wouldn't dare"


A few years later

A crossroad threatens.

Right or left? South or north?

It doesn't matter,

They both chose the same choice.


Years past and they're still together,

Except for when duty called,

The white soon joined the Air Force

And the brown joined the Armored Corps.


But, the tall came once with a girl friend,

And soon under Chuppa they stood.

The short couldn't stay so lonely,

And married after a year or two.


Oh, yeah, we can tell even longer

The story of the good friends.

Who were all these years together

From nearby or far away.


This friendship didn't keep longer

When dark overshadowed them.

The white held his breath forever,

And left to a better place…


He was left so sad and lonely,

Though he had still more life,

He had children and wife

But his dead old friend

Now, is a bleeding wound.


The brown couldn't find serenity

To his stormy restless soul

He carried him forever

In his painful suffer heart.


This poem could have been even longer

If not this cursed dark night

When the tall was hit by a trailer

And returned his life to G-d.


This is a poem of life-long friendship

This is a poem of an endless love

The tall and short, white and brown

Are sitting there now and laugh…







The End

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