Beyond Reason and Doubt

There is an old proverb: "Open rebuke is better than hidden love." Perhaps that proverb is true. Never ever fail to tell the people in your life that you love them. One day is all that we are promised. One day is all that we'll ever have.

We were once friends you and I
But now we are left tattered and torn
The rose on your thigh has decayed
To reveal every deep cutting thorn
Though every promise still remains
They are trees that are too weak to stand
You refuse to strengthen them
Now they're dying like seeds in your hand

Tell me now what does it matter
It's only my time that has gone
Now everything's taken for granted
The story we wrote took too long
Will you ever understand
Everything that I gave you was free
The games you played were just a joke
But the joke isn't resting with me

Now don't misunderstand me
I'd love to work things out
But can we overcome the distance
Far beyond reason and doubt?

Now that the box has been opened
What demons spring free in the night?
Is it your soul you have sold
To make everything else turn out right?
But I am running wild and free
And I won't stop for you to ask why
All that is or shouldn't be
Is a dream that has now passed you by

Does anyone stand in your way
Since I left you to meet your own ends?
You'll always say I was wrong
And we'll never make any amends
Was I just another idea
For the soap opera clouding your head?
All you have are bitter reminders
That dance with your words left unsaid

Don't misunderstand me
It's my own road to choose
Do you care about me
Or the the things you stand to lose?

If you cared about me
You'd never let this end
You're the one who doubted
The words of your best friend

There's a lady who needs me out there
And she shines with the blackness of night
There's a reason why she touched my soul
With the thunder of her endless flight
I can't pretend there's nothing wrong
It's so sad how this story might end
The memories may never fade
And our hearts will recall we were friends

I never stood in the way
Of the people that you let love you
Look in your heart and you'll see
That the words I am saying are true
I loved you in a different way
Maybe you found too hard to accept
I tried to give you dignity
And show you some long due respect

Far beyond reason and doubt
You can hear one more voice say goodbye
Deep in the shadows of night
Will you ever care much to ask why?

Now don't misunderstand me
I'd love to work things out
But we can't overcome the distance
Far beyond reason and doubt

The End

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