This is the second poem I wrote when I lost someone very close. Constructive criticism is always accepted gratefully

The darkness opened its jaws one cold evening,

In the blink of an eye you were gone

Beyond my reach

Beyond my touch

I was so cold, so alone

The comforting hugs felt like vices

Tethering me down to a world where you no longer were

I wanted to leave, to go

I would have sacrificed anything to here your warm embrace

To touch your skin and feel safe and secure

I would have given anything for the sun to come back

But you were beyond

Beyond my reach

Beyond my touch

Now you are gone and the pain has faded

But every so often the darkness taunts

It opens its jaws and engulfs me

Reminding me of the winter

And when you went beyond

Beyond my reach

Beyond my touch

The End

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