This is a rather sweet, yet innocent romantic poem. Enjoy!

He looked at me with such grace,

As he carressed my playful, bewildered face,

I loved him so much it was hard to take,

He was like looking at the most iddylic lake,

I sat there waiting for something silly,

Like a kiss, a hug maybe my favourite... a lily,

But suddenly he took my hand,

And tossed it between each palm as if it were grand,

And all I felt that I needed to do to was sit there and look bewildered...

He laughed at me and grabbed my hand,

He raced me until we'd reached the sand,

He sat me down and looked at me,

While we both tossed pebbles into the sapphire blue sea,

And all we seemed to do was watch each other and look bewildered, 

And then at that moment we both leant in,

It was silly but it felt like a sin,

But right now I could not care less,

Even though this may make my life a mess,

His soft lips pressed on mine,

Maybe this was an amazing sign,

And all I could feel and be was bewildered...

The End

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