Beware This Awareness

A view of human life from the point-of-view of a soul.

Beware this awareness

Perception has a price

Contract of consciousness

Claims liberty a vice


Woven within a body

A base, bestial frame

Flickering mortality

Mind you, tend to the flame


We are ghosts

Trapped in human hosts

Look outside yourself, and see


Those thoughts, distinct

Primal instinct

Human mental entity


Born in the belly of the beast

Born in its thoughts as well

Upon us does the body feast

And carves in us a hole to dwell


Our human host grants us sight

And in payment, strikes us blind

Its touch restrains sensation

Its ideas enslave the mind


Yield to the wishes of our owner

For we are Nature's pet

There is no reason for our reason

Cast away the soul's mindset


Beware this awareness

We are the ghosts possessed

Cling to our being, our carnal cage

Human will made manifest

The End

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