Beware The Patient Man

Beware the grudge of the patient man, he does not easily forgive

He will hold it against you as long as you both shall live

He has a good memory and keeps a long record of wrongs

Though you may walk together and sing happy songs.


Beware the fury of the patient man, for it is like no other

It has the ability to wreck, destroy, demolish, and smother

He will give you many chances and steer you on the right path

But push him too far and you will know the meaning of wrath.


Beware the revenge of the patient man, it will be terrible

Because his cup of wrath is finally and completely full

He will make you pay and pay dearly you will

He will wreak havoc on you until he's had his fill.


So go ahead hurt all you want while you can

Because I am a patient man.

The End

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