Between gods and Titans: A Ballad

I. T'was nothing twixt the planets and stars
'til Titans from guttering suns the cosmos scars,
grow mighty from Space's brimstone
with toughened skin from rock and fire-blown.

Pulled from the sky's quilt missiles fly,
rocks and stars that have yet to die,
hurtled toward grand rock warriors
from death-matches to emerge victorious

And no knowledge of peace is theirs,
every member of a bloodless family fares
alone to destroy and compete,
to wreak havoc and themselves make elite

Among a race born in death
by stars who give life's possess.

II. From planets' rivalry of life
the gods are born from burning light
and jetsam Space-junk gathered up,
creation of cosmos' debris follow-up.

Gathered together in Nemo's land,
the gods spin stories counted on hand
and speak of them in new tongue,
the travels of the stars keep them sung.

From Titans who are born from stars,
each one equal and familiar,
the gods are crafted with personality,
each possessing attribute of individuality.

And soon the two are to meet
the gods hurl Titans to a violent greet,
these stillborn giants born in death
their carapace all that's left.

With intentions full of retaliation
the Titans forge their own formation.

III. In rage's strike a comet-shower rains,
an ambush that halts the gods eventual gains,
chased now by Titans, star survivors
across cosmos planes for Ursa Minor.

With a wrath unsated
the giants leave for creation's belated.

IV. From shock upon the Titans' graces
the gods javelin their birthplaces
to new fields in the cloth of the sky,
a spinning discus to supply

A breaker between them and hate,
the hope of delay to the Titans' fate.

V. Creation's birth to start again
the beginning of planet ten-minus-seven.
The Titans' death will bring to rise
the dawn of new life and seas and skies

And the ground dividing river and sea
will the land of Earth be known to thee,
but fight the gods the Titans must do
and know their loss through and through

With little understanding of what they bring
for millennia to come their hearts will sing
of revenge and hatred sewn with pain
until defeat of the gods is theirs to gain

and with it triumph for themselves;
for the unique gods each different hell's.

VI. The aim of violence
and the gods war games
seeks to bring silence
to the Titans through the flames

and in breaking their bodies
they'll break open the soul,
the life-force is the key
to making the world whole;

Hurtled together and fettered
as one, the Titans burn up
while the gods stand together,
their hearts follow-up

devoid of sentiment
slaughters fruition prominent.

VII. War's reach climbs again
and the Titans attempting prevail
falls, left to destruction then
they know to only fail

Is their fate and nothing more,
but chaos with them do they bring
in hopes to make the gods sore
and sing new odes of lavishing

Titans, with gifts of pain
and disruption of the planets' ways
thrown out of order and gain
not do the gods' in their frays

whose loss takes them apart
but divides not in heart.

The End

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