Best WishesMature

I'm the joke where everyone laughs
because no one else gets hurt,
I'm kicking myself I'm the reason
I lay face down in the dirt.
I can't pull your heart strings you could
have five years of time to see,
Time's just not the factor you don't
really want to be with me.

I thought you could be the one I
guess that i don't really know I
guess that I'm just fucking crazy,
I feel like a real psycho.
I wish i could be your friend but
being with you makes me feel like
ripping my heart through my chest and
watching myself bleed to death.

Every little thing you do and
every little thing you say it
seems like we'd be perfect but I
guess that you don't fell that way.
Why do I get so damn angry?
Why do I get so depressed?
Why must I be so persistent?
Why can't I give it a rest?

Because you're my only one desire
you're the reason I can't eat.
You're the reason I can't sleep
without you my worlds incomplete.
I need you and I hope one day you
might have feelings after all.
Maybe one day you might realize
we were perfect all along.

The End

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