Best in me

Because there's always that one person...

All the times I've wanted to die,

You saw the best in me.

All the times I made you feel horrible,

You saw the best in me.

All the times I've been the most cruel person there could ever be,

You saw the best in me.

When I was on my deathbed for selfish purposes,

You saw the best in me.

What did I ever do to deserve you?

What did I do to deserve someone who would look past all my flaws to see the good instead of the bad?

I don't understand how someone like you could ever stand to be anywhere near me.

How could an angel love a sinner?

And I abused you like you were nothing,

That's what you meant to me until now.

And now you're gone and I'm left alone with a crisis of faith,

Because God has taken away my guardian angel.

And now all I can see are all the reasons,

That you shouldn't have seen the best in me.

The End

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