Best Friends


Well you can't spell friends without ends,
You'll have different oppinions and different trends.
The memories we had no longer matter,
And do you want to know something even sadder?
You were my only support,
My very first resort.
I changed for the better good,
And I thought that you understood.
I tried to better myself,
But who was there for me? No one else.
I did good without you,
I did know everything about you.
But now, this isn't how, the best friend I knew would act.
I told the truth and that wasn't the way I thought you'd react.
We don't talk, except for the crap you talk behind my back,
About how we used to be, forgive me for getting off track.
The plans we had together, the place I took is now replaced,
A friend like 'that' is better off not getting retraced.
You are still my friend, I'm just waiting for the old you,
It's hopless I know, but I want you to realize you are hurting yourself, and you can't rewind and redo.

The End

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